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  • 4444 Saint-Catherine St #202, Montreal, Quebec H3Z 1R2

  • Mission
  • Vision

Building Future Leaders Through Education, Sports, Mentorship, and Community Engagement

Our mission is to empower Montreal's youth to become socially conscious members of our community by teaching life skills through education, sports, mentoring, social emotional development and Crime Prevention.

Nurturing Success Through Diversity and Inclusion

TWKF programs focus on academic success, athletics, emotional regulation, behavior, and cultural diversity. They promote cultural and racial diversity and inclusion by reducing tensions and discrimination between different cultures and religions.

Transforming Lives, Building Futures

TWKF Zones


Chill Zone

Empowering young individuals by teaching effective anger management techniques.

Academic Zone

Offering homework academic assistance and guidance to students encountering difficulties

P.L.U.S Zone

A holistic development through the game of basketball

Crime Prevention Positive Direction

Nurturing the potential of today's young men and the empowerment of young women
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