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  • 4444 Saint-Catherine St #202, Montreal, Quebec H3Z 1R2

Chill Zone

This program is designed for young people exhibiting forms of aggression and violence. The program is about personal development and encompasses advocacy, process of development, conflict management, cultural process and cultural filters, optimal learning, and the empowerment of youth to recognize their choices. Through the process of increasing personal awareness, youth will move through a zone of personal development.


Young people have issues with self-esteem, power in their lives, decision-making, and cultural incongruity. They need to know what they believe in and think about issues and even more than that, how they come to think in those ways. They can reflect on and make informed choices about options.

One of the underlying goals is to help them become aware of how they are influenced in their thinking, and relate that to their expression of anger. Through a self-awareness and skills attainment approach, participants will begin to understand their personal process of anger and to recognize that managing anger is one process of personal development.

Program goals

  1. To inoculate youth against inappropriate use of anger.
  2. To reduce the intensity of anger in provocative kinds of situations.
  3. To teach skills
  4. To cope with anger.


Within the structure of the program youth will learn about their level of hostility, the intensity, duration, and mode of expression with regards to anger in their life. They will become aware of and recognize what their triggers are; what happens to them both physically and cognitively  when they are angry; how to reduce anger; how to desensitize anger, strategies to communicate; how cultural beliefs affect their perceptions, and will rehearse positive behavior.

As a preventative program it addresses the issue of violence with youth both in our families as well as in society. Violence with youth is a public health problem. To cut down on crimes resulting from violence(assaults, suicides, homicides) we need to teach youth how to resolve the imbalance of power that often creates conflict. Youth need recognition from society and empathy to empower them to recognize they have choices

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