The Chill Zone seeks to help youth understand and address their feelings. Many youth struggle with feelings of aggression and are prone to bully others or be bullied themselves. They are at risk of using crime and violence to channel their anger because they are unable to properly handle their emotions.The loneliness and shame associated with being bullied is debilitating Youth often don’t have the space or confidence to share what they are experiencing. Our program encourages youth to express themselves while teaching skills and strategies to stand up against bullying.
In the 2016-17 academic year, the Chill Zone reached a total of 400 youth from:

  • Westmount Park Elementary

  • Hampstead Elementary

  • Saint Monica’s Bilingual School

  • Roslyn School

  • FOCUS High School/NDG YMCA

  • Portage Rehabilitation Centre for Adolescents

“Students who participate in Chill Zone have opportunity to work with a master. Linda is a gem who has superb classroom management and a special knack for getting through to the tough kids. Students feel respected & cared for in Linda’s presence. Students are engaged and begin the reflective process of learning about themselves at such a crucial time as they begin the transition to High School. Students & Teachers both look forward to our weekly visit from Linda for Chill Zone.”Tammy Brewster (Hampstead EMSB)